The PT-APP development was completely financed by Christoph Heuermann himself. In order to contribute to the operation and server costs and possible further development, there are some built-in premium features.

Currently you can upgrade to premium via this Paypal Subscription for 19€ a month. Your account will be manually set to premium status within 48 hours.



Premium Status offers:

  • the ability to offer services rather than create events only
  • the prioritized listing of services and events in search and on the map
  • the ability to create multiple-day events and let your services appear all the time
  • access to a Telegram chat group of premium users with regular promotions
  • 100€ discount per consulting with Christoph


The following services can be offered via an own icon:

  • Personal Consulting:

If you are a coach, advisor or offer other personal services, you can let the community know your availability for personal meetings far into the future. You can schedule your travel plans so that everyone see where they could potentially meet you during what future dates. Because some things are still better to be discussed offline!

  • Citizenship:

Interested in obtaining a second citizenship? You will find more information about it in all attractice countries.

  • Residency:
  • Incorporation:
  • Bank Account Opening:
  • Local Investment:
  • Local Tour:
  • Job Offer:
  • Goods Offer:
  • PT-APP-Get-Together:
  • Other Local Service:
  • Accomodation:
  • Premium Meeting: