Premium Features

The PT APP is a free community project for you, but still comes at a cost. While founder Christoph happily paid for its development, the monthly running costs with servers and administration are in the 4 digits as well. Thats why you get the option to contribute if you like the project

The extra premium features in the current version of the PT app will be explained in detail below. Your fees will contribute further development of the App. Only premium users will be able to vote about what to develop next. They also have access to a dedicated chat group for other premium users.

Premium comes as a monthly subscription for 19€. You can end the subscription whenever you like. At the moment, the upgrade to premium is done manually by the admin for tax reasons. Please notify us only at [email protected] if you have not been upgraded manually 3 days after payment.

At the moment, these are the main features premium users enjoy over other users. Just click here to order premium over Paypal/Credit Card!

  • the option to create services rather than only events with an own pin
  • prioritized listing on map and in search
  • a dedicated Telegram group just for premium users
  • involvement into further development of the app


Premium Users mainly have the priority advantage on the PT app. That means, all events are listed in prioritised order in the search feature. Events from premium users will always be shown before those of normal users.

Additionally, premium users have blue rather than red icons in the map feature. Blue icons distinguish services from events. The PT app should facilitate community transactions without financial benefit as the primary motivation. Those who want to use the app with commercial application in mind, should thus be paying for its use.


The main difference to distinguish service and event is the date range. Normal users can only create events on a specific day. Only premium users can set date ranges. That means, a service can always be available and thus will appear in the search and map features regardless of the date. To create a service, you have to create an event and just put a date range far into the future. For example our services are scheduled to end in 2031 (this can be extended any time over the edit button).

Of course, you can set the date range much shorter when you just want to promote a multi-day conference. Other users will see your event first when they look for other events in the area.

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