How To Register

Welcome to the Perpetual.Travel App. This is a step to step manual how to register. Honestly, there is little to tell, though.

If you are on the main website, just click the “SignUP” button.


Just invent an username, your email and a password to register. As easy as that. Then confirm the “Terms and Conditions” and click the button. You are automatically forwarded to the app.

There is no sign up confirmation email, but you should use a real mail in order to receive notifications or restore your password.

The platform welcomes anonymous users, but reserves its right to block them once they misuse the app. Please consider people are unlikely to associate with you, your events and your services if you do not tell anything about yourself.

In the unlikely event you would want to delete your profile, please write to [email protected] Currently we have to delete profiles manually and will do so once requested.