You can learn about how to use the Perpetual.Travel App properly in the sections below. We provide both text and video manuals to make it as easy as possible for you to use the app. Further questions are adressed afterwards.

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Further Questions and Answers


1. Who built the app?

Perpetual.Travel is a project of Christoph Heuermann. Operating flag theory and tax advice websites in 7 languages, this platform is the perfect tool to connect his communities all around the world and facilitate interactions over an own dedicated platform. The App was developed over a year in 2020-21 by a team of Russian developers in close cooperation with Christoph.


2. How was and is the app financed?

The app is fully financed by Christoph himself. 100% of the development costs come from his business income. Future development and running costs like servers and support will be cross-financed by other business income as well, but every user has the opportunity to contribute and access certain premium features. They can also decide about the next steps of development.


3. What is the purpose behind the app?

The purpose of Perpetual.Travel is to connect like-minded location-independent entrepreneurs and investors on a dedicated platform outside the realm of typical social media. Here you can network in a meaningful way and find and offer flag theory related solutions over the community. You can also inform yourself over our business services in different parts of the world.


4. Is my data safe?

Servers are located in Finland, one of the countries with both the highest data protections and freedom of speech in the world. You can register completely anonymously if  you like, but even with a real name no one can google you. If you want to have your account deleted, just write [email protected]


5.  Can I use the app anonymously?

Certainly. While clear name use is encouraged (flag theory solutions are 100% legal), certain users may feel more confident without telling too much about themselves. However, please be aware that misuse of the platform like spamming of events or disturbing other users will lead to an immediate ban for anonymous users. We track not only IPs to avoid repeat offenses. So please use this opportunity responsibly


6. Why is there a premium feature?

There is countless of options to use the PT App completely free. To offer services to other users we will charge, however. This fee will finance the running costs and future development of the app. Only premium users can create services by selecting a date range. Normal events are limited to a specific day. You can learn more about the premium features and sign up for it here


7. Will there be further developments?

Definitely, but this will depend on the activity within the app and the amount of people contributing as premium user. All premium users can vote on future features to be developed for the app or make suggestions. Skilled app developers are welcome if they want to provide free development.


8. Will a real app be published (rather than a webapp)?

For certain reasons the initial version is a webapp. This way we avoid problems of access in our heterogenous community of all ages and incomes. Not everyone has a mobile phone or knows how to use it properly. Furthermore, we do not have us censored or need to adapt to silly rules by Google or Apple.

However, there is no real need for an app with the current features. If you want to use it on your mobile phone, you can still easily create an app button and stay connected to your profile all the time. An independent app is not necessary to run the full functoniality of Perpetual.Travel