Creating Your Profile

Once you have successfully signed up, it is time to create your profile. You can fill out “General Information” and “About”.

Click the “Edit” Button to fill out your General Information. You can choose to upload a profile picture, give your full name and update your email adress. You can tell your birthday, sex and current location.

You have to manually update your location any time you change it. The location in the profile is relevant for the search feature of (potential) friends. Your best bet is to give the location you stay most time within the year or have special knowledge of. For letting other people know where you are at what time in future you should rather use the event feature as explained later.


If you want, you can tell other people how to reach you via Phone/Whatsapp, Telegram or Instagram. To make it easier for other people to find you, please carefully select as many interests as you wish.

Interests are not only about leisure and business. In this feature you can tell about your religion, political ideology, eating and travel habits or language skills.

You can also select if you offer certain services like a “utility bill”, “director service” or “OTC trades” additional to the service/event feature. This makes it easier to find you if you decide to offer such services.

Once you select an interest, other people can find you if they search for that particular interest


In the “About Section” you can further refine your profile with certain information. You have the opportunity to tell other people about several or all of your “flags”.  You can decide if you share this information to everyone or only friends on the app. We use the 12 most common flags of the flag theory strategy, namely

  • Citizenship
  • Residencies
  • Playgrounds
  • Companies
  • Other Entities
  • Business Banking
  • Personal Banking
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Employees
  • Real Estate
  • Mobile Assets

Those items are not searchable because you can freely write in the boxes whatever you like. This is due to the fact that many people have multiple flags of one category or have the need to further explain them. Again you can use the service/event feature to discuss about flags for a certain category in a certain country

Further to the flag setups, you can answer several selected questions to tell other users more about your person and personality. This questions can tell others a lot about you, so answer them wisely. The more you tell about you, the likelier it is that other users will approach you.

Just dont forget to click on the “Save” button after you are done answering!