About the Map

The Map is one of the decisive features of the PT App. It is closely connected to events and services which are populated on the map based on their date range. The map shows our planet earth in full detail and can be divided from big continents down to the smallest street adress. That is why he needs more explanation.

If you just registered, you will see only blue pins on the map. Blue pins are services and can only be created by premium users. Services can have a date range in contrast to events – that is why they can show all the time. There is a huge selection of services prepopulated from our own business Tax-free.today and Christoph.today.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of blue pins, just filter them by clicking on one of our multiple categories. For example, you can click on “Residency” to see on the map in which countries we or other users provide immigration or tax services. You can learn more about all the event and service categories in this manual

Rather than filtering over categories, you can also filter over name, location or date. You can complement this with the category filter or apply it to all events and services

In the left of the 3 boxes “Find Events” you can search for any service/event. For example, if you write “company”, you find all services having this word in their event title. So choose your event titles wisely to have them found more easily

In the middle box “Location of Event” you can select the location. Location can be from a street address up to a continent, so it is a very flexible feature. Read more about it further below. In this example above, we want to see all services available in Germany.

You can also search for the date of an event. This is a very important thing to consider. If you do not search for a certain date, only services will be shown. If you search for a certain date, services will still be shown in blue pins, but red pins start to appear. Red pins are normal events and the heart of the PT app. Always set dates in the map search to find events in the next couple of days or months.

Of course, you can also combine all the search features above. The map will always zoom in when you select a certain country like Panama in this example. Services in neighboring countries will still be shown here.


If you are not particularly searching for something special, feel also free to just browse in and out the map. You can zoom down to the smallest town or up to see all the planet. You will always see the events and services based on your requests. Those do not only show on the map, but also below in “Nearby Events”.

Here you can just click on “Join Event” to show your interest to participate or click on the title to get more info about it. If it is a service, you can use the “Join feature” to show that you have a certain flag in this country, for example living in Czech Republic. This makes sense to inform other people that you have certain knowledge of a flag or country you might want to share.

If you do no want to zoom the map yourself, you can also use the radius feature to show nearby events. This can be especially relevant on a more local level if you want to find events or services near your current location. For example, you are in the capital of Georgia and interested to visit local investments in the area.


Back to the location feature, it is important to understand its flexibility. Actually, you can search for it regardless of language. If you do not know the English word of a certain location, try it in Spanish like in the example (or German, French or virtually any other language)

The location feature has several different scales to understand. This is also important when creating events or services as this defines where on the map and in the search those will appear. Generally we can distinguish the location feature into seven different scales

  • Continents (Europe, America, etc) and Oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, etc)
  • Countries (Germany, Spain, United States, etc)
  • States/Regions (Bavaria, Canary Islands, New York, etc)
  • Provinces/Islands (Upper Bavaria,  Gran Canaria, Long Island, etc)
  • Towns (Munich, Las Palmas, New York, etc)
  • Town Districts (Altstadt, Isleta, Manhattan, etc)
  • Street Adress (Maximilianstraße, Call Juan Rejon, Broadway, etc)


This distinctions enable you to offer and search for events with a clear focus. In the beginning months of Perpetual.Travel, relatively few users will mean that it makes more sense to search for events on a country or state level. The higher the user base, the more you can narrow down to your current location and then use the radius feature to find interesting people, events or services.


Dont forget that you have countless of options to use the map for your activities. Feeling alone tonight? Why not putting yourself on the dating market tomorrow? Or rather on a specific date in a specific country in future? You decide! 

Just remember: to find events (red pin), you have to choose a particular date, be it today, tomorrow, next weekend or any day in future!