About Friends and Chats

Once you created your profile, feel free to look for other people with similar interest. If you like what you see on other profiles, feel free to send a friend request to the particular person.

You can filter persons registered on the PT app over their location, age, gender and interests. If you do not want to be found on the app, just do not fill out the particular information in your profile. The more you tell about yourself, the easier people can get into contact with you. Having friends is important, as only they might see certain profile info you choose to share.

Here you can see your current friends, your friendship requests to other users, not confirmed friendship requests from other users and people you might know based on your provided location or interests.

We decided to leave out a dedicated chat feature within the platform for now as there are enough alternatives with much better features. You can connect to other people over Email, Phone/Whatsapp, Telegram or Instagram when they provide this info on their profile. This way you also know that your talk stays confidential (at least from us).



This is also true for group chats. Those are associated to a certain event or service. So if you want to talk with other users publicly about a certain topic, just create an event for it and link a Telegram/Whatsapp group to it. Once you manually put the invitation link, peope can find the group chat based on location or category in the chat feature.

Just click on “Join” and you are forwarded to Whatsapp or Telegram to join the group. Rather than groups, you can also link to Telegram channels or similar if you want to promote a certain service.