About Events and Services

After you learnt everything about the map feature it is time to get started with creating your own events – the main feature of the PT app.

You can find the button “Create Event” both above the map and the events section. The events section lets you filter events and services without the map view. Here you can also distinguish between your own and friends events. The search boxes work the same way as explained in the map section. They just list the events in a non-graphical way. As in the map feature, you can also filter event categories

Additionally, you can search for a date range of events. For example, you travel to a specific location in 2 weeks from now and want to see who created an event in that time. This way you can plan months in advance what you will do in a specific place.


Following we explain step by step how to create a new event. Important is to think about an event name. This will be searchable in both the map and events section. If you do not want to have your event appear in search, you can create a private event by moving the toggle to the right.


Private events do not appear in search or on the map for regular users. Only invited participants can see private events. You can invite participants to private events by sharing the link to anyone or just inviting any other users on the PT app. You will get this information only after you created an event. Just write the name in the box to see whom you can invite. If you share the link, consider that anyone who has the link can access your event. People have to register to the platform first in order to see event details.


Once an event is created, you can always edit it by clicking on the blue or delete it by blicking on the red button.


You can also see who currently joined the event and click on their name to see their profile. Pending invitations relate to the sending of invitations to the userbase of the PT App. They need to be confirmed by users in order for them to participate.


Back to creating an event, you always need to set an event location. You can either click on the map to determine the location or, probably easier, type it into the address box. As explained in the map section, there are 7 scales of locations possible where events can happen. To repeat, these are

  • Continents (Europe, America, etc) and Oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, etc)
  • Countries (Germany, Spain, United States, etc)
  • States/Regions (Bavaria, Canary Islands, New York, etc)
  • Provinces/Islands (Upper Bavaria,  Gran Canaria, Long Island, etc)
  • Towns (Munich, Las Palmas, New York, etc)
  • Town Districts (Altstadt, Isleta, Manhattan, etc)
  • Street Adress (Maximilianstraße, Call Juan Rejon, Broadway, etc)


You can also choose an icon for an event or service. Red pins are for events, blue pins are for services (premium only). Icons correspond to one or several categories we will explain in more detail in the end. If you do not choose a particular icon, a normal red pin will show your event.


Very important is to set the right date and time of an event. Only premium users can set a range of dates in order to show their services all the time or better promote multi-day conferences. Normal users can only set a specific date and start and end time of an event. The event can also be shown as “all day”.


If you want to discuss about your event or service, you can create your own Whatsapp or Telegram group manually and link it in the particular box. This way peope can access the chat group when they inform themselves about the event. Such chats will also be shown in the chat section. If you just want to chat with other PTs over certain topics, feel free to create an event for that to promote the topic. Users can search for it over the chat section. While it may show on the map depending on your parameters, this will be irrelevant for most.


You can also determine the auditory of the event in case it has certain contents which might not be suitable or only suitable for certain age groups.


If you want to promote your event, you can add images or videos. You can upload images by clicking on the blue button or link to Youtube or other video platforms. This way you can personalize your event and service to the audience.


Last but not least you can write about your event or service. There is no limit what to tell and with the HTML editor you can style your message to the audience. Use the Link feature to forward users to your website or other internet profile.

If you are ready, do not forget to save! You will get a notification if the event was saved successfully. Saving does not work when there is an error with certain parameters. This is mostly happening with unlogical date variations. The start of an event obviously always needs to be before its end.


While you are not required to choose one or multiple categories for your event, this greatly helps users to filter the right event with the map or event search. This categories are very important to the PT app and correspond with the red event and blue service pins you can choose as icon in the event creation.

The event pins make it much easier to orient yourself on the map and find the right event near your location. Over the icon you already know about the type of event without clicking on it.

Blue pins are for services and reserved for premium users. There are also premium event pins like for the “premium meeting” or the official PT APP Get-Togethers. Blue service pins are prepopulated on the map and always show. You can find out about a lot of the services we from Tax-free.today offer in flag setups all around the world, but also certain offers from other users. I will explain each pin below in the categories.

While you can theoretically connect all types of categories to an event, it is better to limit it to 1 or 2 most suitable ones. All kinds of events and services will be explained now in order to give you a better understanding what to do with the PT app.


Business Event Categories (Taxation, Investments, Asset Protection, Crypto, Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Freelancing, Lifestyle, Travel Hacking, Traveling, PT-App-Get-Together, Conference):

All those categories are related to events about these specific topics. Those events can be  pure online chat groups as discussed before or real-live meetings in a specific location. You can use these hashtags also for promoting workshops or conferences about one or multiple of these topics.

For example: tax workshop, E-commerce conference, travelers meeting, etc


Personal Meeting Categories (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks, Sports, Hiking, Networking, Sightseeing, Nightlife, Dating, Birthday, Premium-Meeting):

All those categories are related to personal interactions. If you want to spend time with other users, just create an event for it. This can be for the 3 meals people use to have each day, just for drinks or doing certain activities with each other. Obviously, those can also include multiple persons. And if you want to find your special someone, just declare that you are open for dating (you can also set that in interests in the profile)

For example: 1h breakfast networking in the hotel, 2h business lunch near the co-working space, dinner with the community, finding a sports partner in your area, go sightseeing with a local, plan your birthday party etc)


Service Categories (Personal Consulting, Citizenship, Residencies, Incorporation, Bank Account Opening, Local Investment, Local Tours, Insurance, Other local service):

All those categories are related to services in the flag theory world. You already find the map filled with services from our website Tax-free.today, but other users can also promote certain flags as premium users. While every user can access services, only premium users can create them. The focus of the PT App is in personal interactions without financial gain. If you want to profit from using the PT app and its database of remote workers, you should be paying for its running cost and future development.


For example: personal consulting with Christoph, residency in Costa Rica, incorporation of a Florida LLC, walnut orchard investing in Georgia, etc


Community Support Categories (Job Offer, Goods Offer, Accomodation, Director Service, Utility Bill, OTC Trade, Teaching):

All those categories are related to certain cases where the perpetual traveler community can support each other. These cases may be provided free of charge or with financial gain in mind. Thus matchmaking for typical challenges of perpetual travelers is possible.

For example:

If you look for remote employees, just use the event feature to post a job offer. Or if you look for work, just do the same.

And if you have to teach a certain skill, just feel free to offer it. Many homeschooling families are looking for teachers for their children or are happy to give their knowledge to other families.

You can offer any kind of legal good (flea market style). This could also be a yacht in a certain marina or a private plane to share, for example.

If you have a house, you can use the app to rent it out short- or long-term to the community. You can offer it discounted to the PT app userbase or even offer a “free overnight stay” (special category). We hope that a lot of “emergency bases” pop up when the PT userbase grows.

The App can also solve typical compliance problems like utility bills (offer spare ones in your country to other users) or the required director for your foreign company (if you want to play local director in a certain country, just offer it to the community).

Even OTC trades like Bitcoin vs Cash could be easily arranged. But you can basically trade anything over-the-counter, meaning in real life without the involvement of banks and other financial providers. The PT app brings the right persons together.